A year after the war on Ukraine A visit and a speech

Muayad Ahmed

A year after the start of the war in Ukraine, tens of thousands of deaths and wounded victims, millions of inhabitants of Ukraine and surrounding countries displaced, many cities destroyed, and the ongoing massive human tragedies in Ukraine and Russia continue to unfold, the leaders of the two imperialist poles, Putin and Biden, remain intent as ever on fanning the flames of this war, one through a speech in Moscow, and the other by a visit to Ukraine.

This war did not break out arbitrarily, not merely through the wills of each of Putin, Biden, or Zelensky, and like every other war, it is a reflection of politics in a different way. And the politics of this specific war, stem from the conflict between the capitalist-imperialist states and their global alliances about the occupation of areas of political and military interest and each taking hold of their share in the global market. The masses in Ukraine and Russia are now paying the price for this policy in the form of the current war.

  Putin (the head of state of the Russian Federation) stresses in his speech on perpetuating the war, claiming that the superior national interests of his country are at risk and confirms the necessity for Russia to win this war. And Biden (the president of the United States of America) uses the pretext of defending the interests of the “democratic world”! in the face of tyrannical states, or in other words, his justification is safeguarding the political, military, and economic interests of the bloc of imperialist countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Thus, they both articulate the essence of this conflict, but in two different ideological forms, namely “nationalism” and “democracy”, and both conceal the material and class realities behind this war from the eyes of present-day humanity. The main victim paying the price of this war are the working and toiling masses of Ukraine and Russia, who have no interest in it.

After a full year of war, there are no signs of an end coming anytime soon, as the two sides are preparing for a new round of military operations this spring, and there are not many options before them to stop it because of the realistic material interests that prompted and continue to prompt the perpetuation of this war.

According to an article issued in the British newspaper the Financial Times today, “a foreign minister in the European Union.. is asked whether the West is waiting for it to end up in a situation in which Putin will be saved and he will have more time,” and thus fall into a situation “resembling a period of calmness between World War I and II”.

  This statement is not the only one, but it is a significant indication, as clearly this war reflects a deeper and broader global economic, political, and strategic course than the war on the soil of Ukraine. This war is a turning point in the escalating continuous contradictions and conflicts among the contemporary imperialist-capitalist countries, so it will either continue or will pass through a period of temporary calm, but as a reflection of those pathways.

There will be no end to the imperialist wars and the wars of the regional and international powers without the socialist and international struggle of the masses of workers and toilers in every country against the ruling bourgeoisie in their countries and against the imperialist and regional poles under whose grip they live.

Raising our voices in an international protest against the war, all over the world, especially in Western countries and Russia, against the ruling authorities that perpetuate this war and pressuring them to stop it, is an urgent task for every progressive, emancipatory and advocate of humanity.

As the war enters its second year, our hearts are with the victims and the millions of displaced people, and we extend our full solidarity and sympathy with the masses who oppose this war in Ukraine, Russia, and various countries in the world.


عن Albadeel Alsheoi

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