Knife attacks on the uprisees, will not save the villains of political Islam from falling

 A group of criminal thugs belonging to the armed militias of the ruling political Islam parties in Iraq shocked the uprising masses with knife attacks in Tahrir Square in Baghdad

No corrupt, no infiltrators, The masses are the Alternative.

on Thursday morning, 5 December 2019, and then hid within the protesting crowd.

The recent horrific massacres committed by the ruling authorities of Political Islam in Iraq and their militias and various repressive apparatus, in Nasiriyah, Najaf, Karbala, Basra, and on the Al-Ahrar and al-Sanak bridges in Baghdad, which killed dozens of uprising fighters from the youth and wounded hundreds of them, did not quench the thirst of these criminals to shed more of the blood of the revolting youth against injustice, slavery and impoverishment.
 Despite all these daily bloody massacres and the string of kidnappings, assassinations and arrests carried out by the regime’s repressive and security apparatuses and their mafia’s, and the deployment of hundreds of infiltrators and intelligence agents in the squares in order to identify, prosecute, and kidnap the activists, we see them these days committing deplorable thuggery with the aim of intimidating the masses
 The political, social and intellectual crisis that is continuously eroding the structure of the system of Political Islam in Iraq escalates and worsens, each day that the uprising continues. This crisis is deeper, broader and more intense than the authorities and the entire ruling bourgeois Islamic and nationalist establishment can handle or find a solution to, through further repressive criminal practices and kidnappings, let alone bullying practices in the squares
 These harassments come in the post-Abdul-Mahdi resignation phase, and the intensifying scuffle within the regime’s ranks. The resignation changed nothing of the current acute polarized reality between the uprising masses and the political system, and this was reflected in the way the news was received by the revolting masses, as they considered it merely one of the gains of the intifada, but without hanging any hopes on it
 The essential issue of the uprising and its main objective, which is to overthrow and change the entire regime and replace it with the political alternative based on the independent political will of the masses, has remained unchanged. This is despite the resignation and all the stunts and maneuvers that parliamentarians currently undertake, such as changing the election laws, the High Electoral Commission, amending the constitution, and others.
 The course of the daily development of the Intifada and the requirements for its victory propels, with urgency, the necessity of practical implementation of the slogan “All Power to the Uprising Masses”.  This requires bettering the current organization of the uprisings, and the initiative to organize themselves as an alternative authority for the existing regime.
 The establishment of mass councils in the squares, workplaces, stores, neighborhoods, and at the governorate level and the whole country according to an equal and progressive political program that reflects the interests of the rising masses of workers, toilers, youth, and women and directly represents the voice of the masses, will be a painful blow to the ruling Islamic and nationalist bourgeois. This alternative and organized power within the councils will also be a strong fortress against the interference of Iran, America, and the various imperialist and regional powers in Iraq.
 With the continuation of the uprising and the insistence of the uprising masses on brining about radical and comprehensive change, the political and intellectual crisis of the current regime will worsen and intensify, and the authorities and their ideological political institutions will fail to find a way out to their impasse.
 Thuggery is a futile attempt by the authorities, their parties, and their militias amid the climate of this suffocating crisis they face, and all their repressive actions, conspiracies, and plots will be crushed by the uprisings.
 Long live the revolutionary uprising of workers, toilers, young women and men
 The Organisation of Communist Alternative in Iraq

عن Albadeel Alsheoi

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