Militias of the ruling political Islam parties Commit a horrific massacre in the area of ​​the Sinak Bridge

A group of armed criminal gangs affiliated with the ruling political Islam parties and the apparatus of the authorities fired live bullets at the defenceless masses uprising in the Jisr Al-Sanak (Al-Sanak Bridge) area in Baghdad, committing a heinous genocide that killed dozens of young protestors and wounded hundreds of them on the night of December 6, 2019.

This brutal crime did not occur arbitrarily and individually, as all indications point to the complicity of the repressive security and military authorities with the armed militias of the ruling parties in its perpetration and facilitating its implementation.

In the midst of the stifling political and intellectual crisis they are experiencing as a result of the uprising, the various factions, currents and militias parties are trying to absolve themselves of this crime or use it for tactical political purposes against each other in order to consolidate and strengthen the elements of their control over the plight of the masses.

The ruling bourgeois Islamist and nationalist parties, their militia forces, their parliamentary blocs, and their competing factions form a bloody, aggressive, and united front against the rising masses. On the whole, they are the forces of the counter-revolution at the heart of this political and social crisis that society is going through. None of them hesitates to use the most brutal and aggressive methods, the cheapest and most degrading of methods, to eliminate the current uprising waged by the masses of workers, toilers, women and the revolutionary youth.

The division of roles among the forces of the regime, the parties, and the currents in their reactionary efforts to stifle the uprising is blatant to everyone. Also, their crying over the young sacrifices at the hands of villains of this medieval regime cannot deceive anyone, and their words and “sympathetic” speeches with the uprising do not obscure that they in fact insult the intifada.

Likewise, the offers made by some parties of the regime to show themselves standing in the ranks of the uprisings and protecting them against the attacks of the military militias do not deceive anyone. These actions cannot eliminate the oppressive practices of these forces and erase their continuous mafia actions of kidnapping, torture and assassination against all those who stand in their way in the areas they control and within the squares from the memory of the masses.

The string of bloodbaths at the hands of the thugs of political Islam against the uprisings in Baghdad and the rest of Iraq’s provinces must stop and the uprising must take a swift pace to win against this bunch of fascist tyrants whose hands are stained with the blood of thousands of young men and women. The massacres and genocide perpetrated against the uprisings and against the masses of Iraq that has suffered great tragedies and suffered bitterly during the past 16 years cannot be tolerated.

The uprising needs to organize itself into revolutionary mass councils that take matters into its own hands and lead the uprising and direct its actions and struggles at the level of all governorates.

The workers, toilers, women, and the revolutionary youth are the backbone of this uprising. They are its essential class and social driving force, and this power has the real interest in bringing about revolutionary change and overthrowing the regime and uprooting it..

The working class and the working masses do not accept letting the youth and the protestors fall daily as victims at the hands of the fascist regime forces. A general strike and a conscious political initiative of this class can resolve matters in favour of radical change and protect the uprising from attacks by regime forces.

The Organization of Communist Alternative in Iraq, while expressing its deepest sympathy to the families and friends of the victims and wishing for the recovery of the wounded, condemns in the strongest terms this brutal massacre against the uprisings, at the same time it calls the uprising masses to unite their ranks under the progressive  banner of the working class, the toiling masses and the revolutionary youth.

Also, it calls upon the working class and the disadvantaged masses to intervene politically to resolve matters for the benefit of the uprising masses and all the toilers and oppressed, and to work for the founding of the revolutionary mass councils in neighbourhoods, factories, institutions and nationwide.

We also appeal to the international working class, socialist and progressive parties, organizations and forces worldwide to oppose these brutal massacres against the uprisings in Iraq.

Shame and disgrace to the militia forces controlling the masses

All power to the rising masses

The Organization of Communist Alternative in Iraq


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