The founding statement of the ” Organization of Communist Alternative in Iraq”


General introductions

And the key aims of our political agenda

Through this statement, we, announce our initiative to form a communist organization called “The Organization of Communist Alternative in Iraq” and continue our struggle within its framework. We will work within the framework of this means of struggle and this form of communist organization as a trend working towards the establishment of a proletarian communist political party until the founding conference of the party in the near future.

General introductions:

  1. The direct and immediate goal of the activists, representatives of the working class, the deprived and the impoverished in Iraq today is political change, change in the management of society and political control; but this will not be achieved without changing the control of the ruling class.
  2. The dominant class in Iraq, despite the degree of social and economic development, is the bourgeoisie. It is composed of many categories: financial oligarchy, a supreme bureaucracy that runs the ministries and the government, the top capitalist businessmen and industrialists who control the economy and political leaders who monopolize political and economic decision making and economic trends, and the other categories of the bourgeoisie who own the means of production and exchange and real estate owners as well as the leaders of the militia forces and influential religious institutions.
  3. The society in Iraq is a capitalist society in which the relationship of capital and the extended relations of material production control its entire economic, social, political and intellectual life. It lives under the dominance of the capital whose movement is subject to the laws of the global monopolistic capital. The materialisation and the workings of these laws in Iraq imposes, among other things, the current form of Nationalist and Islamist bourgeoisie political system and the way of life of the social classes. The social crisis and the conditions under which the whole society lives are the results of this relationship. Therefore, the response to the society’s dilemmas cannot be achieved without starting from the practical criticism of capital relations and affirming the main role of the working class in shaping the political, economic and social outlook of society.
  4. The response to the current crisis of society and the tragic conditions resulting from the control of capital and the imposition of its policies on all aspects of life cannot be achieved without the social revolution of the working class and reconstructing the political, social and economic system. And this means bringing about socialist organisation of the society. Socialism is the answer to all the tragedies and crises of capitalism, in the world and in Iraq as a capitalist country subject to the laws of capitalism.

5 The policies and strategy of America and its western imperialist allies and their regional allies and their war on Iraq in pursuit of their geopolitical, economic and military interests, have turned Iraq, especially in the last three decades, into a field for catastrophic wars, a destructive economic  sanctions and the massacres of terrorists groups like al-Qaeda, ISIS and others, as well as the proxy wars, which claimed the lives of more than one million innocent Iraqi citizens. These policies, strategies, reactionary wars and the transferring of state power and the control of the masses and their plight  into the hands of the groups and parties of reactionary Political Islam and Nationalist movements and their militias since 2003, have inflicted successive massive blows on the civil structure of the society and the lives and destiny of the masses of workers, toilers and the impoverished, especially women who have become the first victim of this brutal imperialist attack. Successive generations of children and young people, especially of workers, toilers and impoverished families, have spent their lives, over the last few decades, in misery, destitution and deprivation. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them have lost their lives through the tragedies of economic sanctions, war and terrorism.

  1. At the present time, Iraq is in the midst of an escalating deep and wide social crisis characterized by the increasing impoverishment of large sectors of the masses of workers and toilers, deprivation of essential public services such as education, health, the provision of water, electricity and the necessary social provisions and the ever growing rate of unemployment and diminishing employment opportunities among young men and women. This crisis is due to the escalation of the contradictions of capitalism in Iraq and its working mechanisms and the neoliberal economic policies of the bourgeois forces of the currents of Political Islam and the Nationalists along with their militias and their financial and administrative corruption and so on… The current political system is fundamentally in a crisis, there is a chronic struggle between its various currents, forces and wings over the distribution of power and wealth on the basis of nationality and tribal belonging, such that the existence of the system and its perpetuation, means the continued insecurity of the masses, worsening crisis and increasing dimensions of corruption and the suffering of the masses. Additionally, the efforts of the currents of political Islam and the authorities to Islamize the society using the force of armed weapons, enactment of laws and the disbursement of billions of dollars for this purpose, is in a daily clash with the aspirations of the masses, especially the youth, students and the aspiring generation, who longs for freedom and enjoyment of contemporary civil and individual rights and freedoms.
  2. The impact of this political, social, economic and cultural crisis has reflected on the working class and the masses. It has led to continuous economic workers’ struggles and mass and youth protests in the country against unemployment, poverty, the status quo, restrictions on freedoms and lack of services. This constitute the ground for any revolutionary uprisings to end the status quo and bring the ruling authorities down. What is lacking in these struggles and protests so far, in order for it to progress towards creating a revolutionary crisis and materialising a revolutionary rise that ends the current system and its tragedies for the benefit of the masses, is the influence of the independent political role of the working class and the role of the Marxist and communist movement in organizing and leading it. Separating the ranks of protests and workers’ and masses’ struggles from the objectives, agenda, perspectives of reactionary bourgeois, religious, sectarian, tribal, nationalist and reformist movements and their practical policies is part of achieving this progress towards creating a revolutionary situation and a revolutionary crisis at the society level.
  3. The weakness of the political role of the working class, the unemployed and disadvantaged groups of society stems from the fact that the working class did not intervene in the political process with the bourgeoisie as a class with  its own independent policy and political alternative  for the society. Despite the continuous protests and the demands movement of workers, it was unable to fulfil its role in realising its interests as an independent class, because it could not adopt a socialist policy for itself as a class and for the society as a whole. This weakness is closely related to the lack of development of the communist movement and socialist forces in society.
  4. The weakness in the role and participation of women in political life has had a significant impact on the delay and decline of the socialist and the leftist movement in general and the emancipatory women’s movement in particular. The slogan saying no powerful and capable socialist movement without a rising progressive women’s movement, nor a rising women’s movement without the adoption of socialism, is true, and is a product of the historical experience of the socialist and feminist movement in the world. We regard women’s involvement in the socialist struggle as a cornerstone in the development of the movement and the ongoing feminist struggle in society towards liberation is a fundamental tributary of the socialist movement and socialist struggle. Therefore, embedding the women’s liberation struggle and advancing it, is a fundamental task for us and is part of the task of building a socialist trend in society
  5. The working class is not a group or a sector alongside the other social groups. It is a social class whose liberation as a class depends on the liberation of the society from the bourgeois class system, and therefore the revolutionary struggle of society and its crisis are concentrated in the progressive revolutionary struggle of this class. However, the condition for the transformation of the working class into a political power in society is the elevation of its economic, political and intellectual struggle to a workers’ class socialist struggle, into a class political struggle against the bourgeois class, its parties and policies, and against the state as the instrument of control of the ruling class. In this context, from the view point of advancing the workers’ class struggle, the socialist political response to the political dilemmas that galvanises the society, is a pressing political task for us.
  6. This, inherently, requires the organising of the communist current and the communist movement within the framework of a broad proletarian political party that is intervening in and is connected to the masses of workers, toilers and the oppressed and their struggles. It is this party, that has a revolutionary socialist political outlook, that can make the economic and political struggle of workers and toilers acquire the power and the momentum and unite it in an independent and effective political struggle to overthrow the bourgeois state and establish a workers’ government, in order to advance its economic and social revolution to overthrow the existing capitalist system and move towards establishing an, equal and free communist society.
  7. The socialist and communist currents in Iraq have not been able to provide a means of struggle in the hands of the working class and to introduce a socialist policy effectively linked to the struggle and development of working class. The weakness of the socialist trend within the working class is the main weakness of the working- class movement and within the left and the socialist movement at the level of society itself.
  8. The need for a representative of scientific socialist politics that is derived from the Marxist approach and is based on Marxism as a revolutionary theory and agenda is a realistic matter and its necessity stems from the answers to the issues of society and life. The need for the development of the Marxist trend among the working class is growing with the developments in the course of its struggle and this need is reflected at the society level with increasing insistence. There are constantly growing, Marxist youth and student circles, among the working class, mainly in terms of their social affiliation in Iraq and Kurdistan. In addition, these circles are searching for the unification of their struggle in a platform and representative of Marxism and proletarian communism that criticize the reformist, compromising, nationalist and “patriotic” movements that act in the name of socialism and communism. We consider that many currents in Iraq continue to exist through speaking in the name of socialist politics and in the name of Marxism, but they have not been able to respond to creating the tools of class struggle into the hands of workers on the basis of unity over revolutionary Marxist principles and their applications to the problems of the labour movement and contemporary communism. We see our current as a step towards the representation of revolutionary communist politics, scientific socialism and the historical experience of the working class in Iraq and the world.
  9. The struggle against capital is linked to the life of the working class and its daily experience of exploitation. The theoretical struggle against the bourgeoisie with all its spectrums and ideologies is an objective and necessary matter, and is part of the conscious struggle against capitalism. The theoretical struggle within the left and socialist currents is part of the socialist struggle.
  10. From our point of view, the communist movement and its party are class social issue and part of the dynamics of class, political, social and intellectual struggle in society. Therefore, we are not a partisan group, nor a purely ideological political intellectual group, isolated from society, seeking intellectual and theoretical purity. Theory, criticism, partisanism and means of struggle, have tangible class and material meanings. Communism is a political, ideological and class social movement. The proletarian communist party is a party associated with this movement. It materialises the political independence of the working class and organizes and leads the social revolution of the working class to victory. Communism is the actual criticism of the worker against capitalism. In this sense, it is only a specific political and ideological current, distinct from other currents, linked to the working class and its actual criticism of capitalism as an antagonistic class system.

Essential cores of our political agenda

  1. “The Organization of Communist Alternative in Iraq” is a worker- communist organization whose ideological and political methodology is Marxist, drawn from the Communist Manifesto; struggles to organise and accomplish the social revolution of the working class to overthrow capitalism and establish a communist society, in which freedom and equality prevail.
  2. It is an international communist organization striving to unite the international struggle of the working class and achieve its universal communist goals and defend the interests of the working class worldwide. It is a faction among the international communist and workers’ liberation movement.
  3. The overthrow of the capitalist system and establishing a communist society, which constitutes the essence of our goals and social programme, is achieved through the taking of the state authority by the proletariat and the establishment of the workers’ state. We strive for the working class and the masses of toilers to organize themselves in workers’ and toilers’ councils to realise their political will, to establish the workers’ state and to build socialism through the triumph of their social revolution. The end of the bourgeois nationalist and Islamic political system in Iraq is the first step in the struggle of the working class towards the establishment of socialism.
  4. The ideological unity of the proletariat struggling on the basis of Marxist principles and the materialisation of this unity in a communist political party constitutes the necessary weapon for the working class in its emancipation struggle to seize state power and establish the workers state. The establishment of a broad and social Marxist workers revolutionary party, emanating from the proletariat to organise and lead the class struggle of workers to liberate themselves and the entire society from the dominance of capital and monopolistic capital from the enslavement of the wage labour system is not only achievable in Iraq as a capitalist society, but it is also a necessity to unite the  ranks of the communist movement at the level of society and the development of its fighting  potential at the moment. The establishment of the proletarian Communist Party as a means of communist party struggle is an immediate goal for us.
  5. The theoretical struggle based on Marx’s approach and revolutionary theory is a dimension of the proletarian class struggle. We as an organization embody this struggle in political agitation and propaganda for the purpose of ensuring the independence of the political and intellectual working class in the fields of class struggle in society.
  6. The strengthening of the working class politically and gaining political independence, as a class in the various areas of class struggle against the other classes, their social and political movements, political parties and political and intellectual currents, and at all stages and political and social twists and turns of the society, is an immediate and urgent task for us now. Responding to the dilemmas of class struggle, political, intellectual and organizational, and the problems of the communist and intellectual movement at the level of society, are essential tasks for us in order to achieve this goal and to strengthen the communist and labour movement in Iraq and the region.
  7. The economic struggle of the working class is one aspect of the workers’ class struggle. We will be working hard to strengthen this struggle and work for the unity of the workers’ struggle and to elevate their fighting power, unite their ranks and organise them in mass labour organisations. The strengthening and development of mass labour organisations from councils, unions and various forms of mass societies and the unification of their struggle are essential tasks for us to strengthen the struggle of workers in different sectors and regions.
  8. Defending the unity of the working class’s struggle against the bourgeoisie and strengthening it through the whole of Iraq and defending the interests of the class socialist and internationalist struggle of the proletariat in Iraq and Kurdistan is a fundamental and urgent task for us. In this context, confronting the nationalist, religious, sectarian and ethnic bourgeois policies and ideas, and the bourgeois wings on the right and the “left” that create division and dispersion among the proletariat and its united struggle, is an urgent task for us.

9, We consider all currents, parties and organisations that were or still are working under the name of socialism and communism, such as the bourgeois communism of the Soviet and Stalinist communists, the “Chinese” communism, the Maoist and the Third World and its various branches, the Euro-communism and the streams of the bourgeois nationalist and the “patriotic” wing, and its parties and organisations within  the nationalist and “patriotic” movement and under the various other names are the bourgeois streams and parties, as they are non-workers and non-communist in terms of outlook, objectives and social program. We also consider the left-wing populist and the marginal radical leftist movements to be non-workers, related to petty bourgeois groups of intellectuals and opposition circles within the capitalist society, working in the name of Marxism and communism. A number of revolutionary Marxist currents have set their boundaries with some of this bourgeois and petty bourgeoisie in the past decades. In particular, however, Mansur Hekmat and “workers’ communism” current, drew the boundaries between themselves and all these bourgeois and petty bourgeois movements, which we consider to be part of the Marxist and communist movement gains. The intellectual and political struggle against intellectual and political currents, parties and non-labour organisations, which contribute to hindering the development of the independent and united class struggle of communism and socialism, is a fundamental and perpetual task for us.

  1. The revolutionary struggle for the emancipation of women, the achievement of their full equality with men, the end of oppression and the lifting of their injustice are among our fundamental tasks. The revolutionary eradication of repression, the medieval injustice, the male domination imposed on women in Iraq and the region, and the uprooting of her enslavement, are immediate tasks for us. We strive to break the basis of all restrictions imposed on women, and seek to achieve women’s emancipation and equality as part of our revolutionary socialist struggle to bring down capital and capitalism. Under this system the heavier burden of injustice on women and the strangling of their rights and freedoms falls on the shoulders of working-class women, the disadvantaged and marginalized women. The establishment and strengthening of a liberal feminist movement and the organisation and development of women’s resistance to injustice and enslavement in the various fields of economic, social, political and cultural life at the country level are immediate and pressing tasks for us. We support all the struggles of women against oppression and for their rights, freedoms and equality with men. We support every struggle to lift oppression and repression and to improve and achieve reforms in their lives and their rights and freedom.

11.The struggle for political, economic and social reforms, and the active involvement in all fields of struggle of the working class, the deprived masses and the oppressed groups to realise these reforms are part of our immediate tasks. The reforms and the struggle for their realisation are inextricably linked to the revolutionary struggle for the social revolution of the working class, where there is an organic relationship between reform and revolution. We are working to reflect this relationship in the whole of our struggle in the field of reforms.

  1. Separation of religion from state and education is an immediate demand and urgent task of our struggle.
  2. We emphasise the solution of the Kurdish national issue in Kurdistan in a peaceful way by applying the right of the masses in Iraqi Kurdistan to separate and form an independent state or stay within Iraq with equal rights with the rest of citizens through conducting a free and broad referendum for the masses in Kurdistan. The official position of the ” Organization of Communist Alternative in Iraq” during the application of this right, with regards to separation, is determined in accordance with the interests of the progress of the socialist class struggle of workers, especially in Kurdistan.
  3. The main axis of reformist steps and demands in the fields of economic, social, political and cultural life of the masses, in the light of the gains of the global labour liberation movement, revolutionary communism and the global left, and in the elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender, skin colour, nationality, religion, sect and others are part of our demands. This also represents our banner in the movements of workers and public demands in the struggle to impose reforms on the current regime in Iraq in the field of political, civil and individual liberties, freedom of belief or no belief, freedom of protest and organisation and expression, women’s rights and equality, individual rights on the basis of gender, the abolition of the death penalty and life imprisonment, the defence of the rights and protection of children, the protection of the environment and other gains such as the promotion of human values, equality, rights and freedoms, and the advancement of creativity.
  4. The Organisation of Communist Alternative in Iraq works as an organisation and a means to form a revolutionary Marxist Communist Party in Iraq as soon as possible. this will be through a founding conference in which all members and activists of the proletarian communist movement and various Marxist circles and organisations throughout Iraq take part and agree on the main axis of a social and political program of communism based on the Marxist critique of capitalism and the realisation of the strategy of the social revolution of the working class and the political tactics on the path of that strategy and the strengthening of a broad revolutionary worker- communist party.

We as a communist organisation aim to unify the struggle of communists throughout Iraq and the convening of this constituent conference, where it will approve the program of the social party, its strategy, its basic political tactics, its internal system, its organisational policies and its leadership,

  1. We are a communist organisation that does not differ from the rest of the workers’ parties except in what the “Communist Manifesto” of Marx and Engels describe regarding the difference of communists from the other labour parties.
  2. We consider all the communist organisations sharing our outlook and our social communist program, the political parties and the Marxist movements and organisations close to us politically and intellectually, at the level of Iraq and the region and on the international level, as parties and organisations friendly to us and we will remain a sincere comradery relationship with them and each according to their political and intellectual proximity.
  3. We strive to strengthen the Marxist revolutionary line and revolutionary communist organisations within the communist movement at the international and regional levels.
  4. We call on the working class and activists of the labour movement to adopt the Marxist trend and these axes and trends in their struggle and call on them to unite with us in the communist struggle. We also call upon all the labour leaders and activists of the social protests and all revolutionary communist activists throughout Iraq to join us in their struggle within the framework of the Communist Alternative Organisation in Iraq and to march together towards the building of a strong mass proletarian communist party.

Founding members:

Rashid Ismail, Nazar Akrawi, Mohamed Shanan, Jasem Hassan, Yanar Mohammed and Muayad Ahmed


Ibtisam Mani’, Ahlam Taha, Thoraya Tahir, Jamal Koshesh, Husam Karim, Hayder Al-Jasim, Rihab Faysal, Shirin Abdalla, Abbas Fadhil, Abdullah Saleh, Idan Alawi, Kamal Hassan (Wasta Kamal), Majid Hamed, Mohammed Al Asmar, Nawzad Baban and Nader Abdul Hamid.

Organisation of Communist Alternative in Iraq

25 July 2018

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