Press Release

Comrade Nawzad Baban and all the other detainees must be freed immediately

For over two weeks widespread students’ demonstrations continue in the cities of Kurdistan, amid the government’s procrastination and refusal to give in to their demands.

Throughout this period, the government forces in the cities of Kurdistan resorted to various oppressive methods in order to silence and suppress the protests, including; shooting live bullets, using electric batons, beatings, kidnapping, physical and psychological torture, and withholding information about the detainee’s whereabouts from their families.

Today, with the re-start of a new phase of students’ demonstrations in universities and colleges, the repressive apparatus has once again launched another campaign of mass arrests and torture.

Comrade Nawzad Baban (a member of the Central Committee of the Organisation of the Communist Alternative in Iraq) was among the detainees caught up in this campaign, he was arrested this afternoon along with a number of students and freedom lovers by the (Asayish)  Security forces in Sulaymaniyah.

We denounce and condemn in the strongest terms this repressive act of the authorities and their agencies, and all detainees must be released immediately.

The responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of Comrade Nawzad and all the other detainees lie with the authorities in Sulaymaniyah and the regional government.

Victory for the student’s struggle

Freedom for all detainees of the student demonstrations

Organisation of The Communist Alternative in Iraq


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