Communique- on the release of Nawzad Baban and some other student detainees in Suleimanya

On Thursday evening, 9/12/2021, two days after their arrest, comrade Nawzad Baban and a few of his fellow detainees were released from the (Asayish – Security) prison in the city of Salmaniya. 

First, we would like to send our appreciation to all those parties, organisations, and activists for their solidarity in struggle during the past few days, and their relentless efforts to release all the detainees among the students and libertarians and the student movement, including Comrade Nawzad Baban.

We also thank and appreciate all these who issued statements, sent messages, or wrote articles of solidarity and camaraderie, those who launched campaigns through the various media platforms, and those who stayed in close constant contact with the relatives of Comrade Nawzad and us as well.

The students’ protests are still ongoing and in needs of persistent support and solidarity from the libertarians and advocates of justice.

The release of Nawzad Baban and a some of the students, supporters and defenders of the student movement is an achievement within our common struggle, which needs to be broadened with a more powerful solidarity to release all the detainees and realise all the rights and demands of the students.


Media Center

The Organisation of Communist Alternative in Iraq


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