Witholding the wages of workers and employees of the Kurdistan Region is a shameful policy of the rulers against the masses

In continuation of their arbitrary approach, the Kurdistan Regional Government and its two ruling parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (Party) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (Yekiti), stopped, more than two months ago, the payment of salaries to workers and employees working in the ministries of the region, under various pretexts, especially the pretext of their problems with the central government and the ruling Islamic forces. In Baghdad. This created a miserable economic situation for most of the people in the region.

This is in addition to the absence of any projects to improve public services, the worsening unemployment rate, especially among young men and women, and the widespread spread of poverty and destitution, which has stifled the lives of the majority of the region’s population. In conjunction with these miserable conditions, the ranks of billionaires and millions of dollars in the region, from among the two ruling parties and their entourage of corrupt capitalists, are increasing daily.

The oppressive practices of the authorities against the masses of demonstrators in previous years, and their imposition of an authoritarian political system, based on repression and on nationalist and Islamic ideology, a system that does not care about providing economic, social, service and cultural rights to the masses of working people in the region, were not only for the sake of perpetuating their corrupt militia authority, but also Also, and simultaneously, it was to consolidate the foundations of the capitalist system and its political and ideological superstructure.

In addition to the ruling forces, all the bourgeois opposition forces in the region, with their various trends and wings, with both their nationalist and Islamic movements, parties, thinkers, and intellectuals, as well as nationalist neoliberals such as (the New Generation Party), assumed and continue to assume the task of preserving this existing economic, social, and political system that is characterized by… With a deep class division between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie throughout its structure, a system in which class polarization expands and becomes more severe at the level of society every day.

Therefore, while Kurdistan society is drowning in poverty and unemployment and suffering from a lack of services, both the ruling forces and the bourgeois opposition have immersed society more than ever in national and religious superstitions, on the one hand, and on the other hand, neoliberals such as (the new generation) are engaged in Spreading illusions among the masses with the hope of change through elections.

In this context, nationalists are spreading fears and anxiety about the possibility of the collapse of the ruling regime in the region, and promoting fanaticism and national hatred, and political Islam is directing its continuing fatal blows to women’s freedoms in Kurdistan and undermining the ranks of the struggles of workers and unemployed youth. Through Islamic ideas and politics and fighting any liberal and socialist ideas.

On the other hand, the ruling nationalist and Islamic forces and parties and their government in Baghdad, which also do not care about the spread of poverty, destitution and unemployment among the masses of the region, continue their disputes with the regional government. Both parties have made the masses of the Kurdistan Region hostage to achieve their political and economic interests, the requirements of their geopolitical maneuvers, and their relations with regional and international powers. Also, the ruling authorities in Baghdad have become engaged in fanning the fire of nationalist fanaticism with the aim of throwing ash in the eyes of the masses, distracting them, and covering up their corruption, and thus responding to the lack of services and the spread of poverty and unemployment among most of the masses of Iraq by promoting nationalist fanaticism.

In order to get rid of these tragic conditions, there is no way but to strengthen and unify the ranks of the struggle of workers, toilers, the unemployed, oppressed women, youth, and all liberals, whether in the Kurdistan Region or across Iraq, according to their independent and unified class interests, and without any discrimination on the basis of religion or sect. Or nationality, gender, race, or any other type of discrimination.

Today, the balance of class forces in the Kurdistan Region is in favor of the ruling bourgeoisie and its forces and movements, and unless the workers and the destitute in the region change this balance in their favor themselves, no radical change will be achieved in their favor. Being drawn into national and religious horizons and ideology, accepting pretexts for conflicts with Baghdad, and pinning hopes on elections will only prolong the current tragic situation. The solution lies in the advancement of the proletarian class struggle in the Kurdistan Region and throughout Iraq.

The unified class of struggle based on the independent class interests of workers, toilers and the destitute, and the presence of this class as an influential mass force against the national and Islamic authority in the region, is the first step to ending this manipulation of the livelihood and lives of the masses.

The Communist Alternative in Iraq organization strongly condemns both the Kurdistan Regional Government and the central government, and holds them responsible for the poverty and hunger imposed on the masses of the Kurdistan Region. It also struggles resolutely, side by side with workers, toilers, and all liberals, to end the miserable economic situation of the masses in the region and throughout Iraq.
The shameful policy of non-payment of salaries must be ended immediately
Communist Alternative Organization in Iraq

عن Albadeel Alsheoi

اضف رد

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