Adel Abdul-Mahdi’s Government and its Intelligence Services Intend to Dissolve the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq, Let’s Resist Them Firmly

The Office of the outgoing Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, and the intelligence services, during the past few days, filed a lawsuit against the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) calling for it to be dissolved because of OWFI’s participation in the October Uprising and sheltering women fleeing violence

The fact that the highest decision centre in the militia regime in Iraq, in the midst of events of the current uprising, files a lawsuit to dissolve the Organisation of Women’s Freedom, reveals a lot, as it shows that the lawsuit is nothing but an open and shameful political act of aggression against women, women’s liberation movement, OWFI and its warrior, Yanar Muhammad

The aim of the lawsuit is to impede the work of this organisation that has a bright and combatant history in defending women, their rights, freedom and equality. It aims at obstructing the work of one of the most important women libertarian organisations in Iraq and the most powerful and determined organisation in defending women victims of male violence through-out the past seventeen years

The devastation, tragedies and marginalisation imposed on women in Iraq by the political Islamists and nationalists and their sectarian and national political system since 2003 are limitless. They came to power through America’s occupation of Iraq, its imperialist policies and strategy, which are mired in crime, to the core, against women

The militia forces and their parties did not hesitate for one moment in suppressing every step taken by the women liberation movement, against this existing reality, and every struggle that women endure for freedom from the clutches of this sectarian, clan based social system and regime. The current lawsuit is part of this criminal history against women’s rights in Iraq Women's voice is a weapon that uproots corruption

It seems that Adel Abdul Mahdi, his office and his intelligence services are in haste, and they want, amidst the transitional and crisis ridden situation, before they leave their offices under the blows of the uprising, to add another repulsive score and another crime to their bloody oppressive legacy against women and their liberation struggle and against the masses

These ferocious anti-women reactionaries, are planning to commit a heinous crime against women fleeing violence who desperately need help to escape certain death at the hands of their male killers. They are seeking to demolish one of the most important pillars of the feminist liberation movement in Iraq, ie: the Organisation of Women’s Freedom, which has fought firmly and persistently against their reactionary laws and their brutal attacks against women for nearly 17 years. OWFI has defended women facing violence and those fleeing from the grips of women’s trafficking networks, tribal and male injustice and so-called “Honour killings”

The Organisation of Communist Alternative in Iraq strongly condemns this bogus legal conspiracy and this arbitrary, outright hostile act against women and against the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq. We also consider it a flagrant violation of the most basic rights, individual and civil freedoms, political freedom, and freedom of organisation and protest. We demand the relevant judicial authorities to reject this lawsuit immediately, as it violates these freedoms

We appeal to all parties, socialist, communist, and libertarian organisations, all trade unions and federations, all liberating feminist organisations, local and global, and all freedom-loving and women freedom-equality advocates to raise their protest voice against the Adel Abdul-Mahdi government and the militia regime in Baghdad and condemn this aggressive action against the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq. We also invite them to support our campaign to drop this lawsuit

Long live the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

Long live women’s freedom and equality

The Organisation of Communist Alternative in Iraq

February 14, 2020

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