On the Occasion of International Women’s Day, Let’s advance with steady strides to achieve freedom and equality of women

This year, we welcome 8th of March, International Women’s Day, while women in Iraq are taking important and decisive steps in their struggle, and they are resolutely and persistently moving forward, as an independent and liberating force, as one of the most important pillars of the October uprising.

We welcome this date, and the rising masses in Iraq, the youth, women, students, the masses of unemployed and toilers and the various sections of the working class, are accomplishing revolutionary epics and effective mass struggles against the entire bourgeois Islamic regime and the corrupt militia nationalist that has dominated the masses for more than 17 years.

The uprising has progressed steadily, while the blood of hundreds of men and women murdered victims and tens of thousands of wounded and disfigured people, and so far has inflicted heavy blows on the regime and, in particular, destabilised the pillars of political Islam, not only as repressive and corrupt militia parties to the bone, but as a political, social and intellectual current with its political, social and ideological institutions.

The independent and influential struggle of women in this uprising is one of the most important pillars on which the uprising is founded and one of its progressive and liberating features. The emancipation and liberation of women from their current situation depends on the removal of the entire ruling Islamic and nationalist patriarchal regime. Therefore, the emergence of women and their engagement in the political struggle in the uprising has become a major threat to political Islam and has caused a rift in its ranks and the ranks of male dominant nationalists and their international supporters from Iran and others.

America’s crimes against women and the feminist movement in Iraq is not a secret to anyone. It is America who established the current system that robbed women of even the little rights and freedoms that they had gained during the past decades through their struggle and the struggle of freedom lovers and socialists, and that America with its regional allies are the ones who unleashed Islamic terrorists from Al Qaeda and ISIS in order to destroy the masses and enslave women.

While engaged in their struggle for liberation these days, women are the first victims of the domination of neo-liberal capitalism in Iraq, that deeply penetrates the whole society. The country’s neoliberal economic policies of privatising the industrial sector, economic projects, education, health, and public services and abandoning all responsibility towards citizens, such as ensuring economic and social security for the toilers, the unemployed, and others, have created, among other things, tragic conditions for women in Iraq.

Today, working and impoverished women are falling, not only victims of the Islamic system, tribal whips and patriarchal values ​​in society, but becoming the first victim in terms of unemployment in their ranks and the devastating impact of the deprivation of free education and health services for them. They are the first affected among the inhabitants of this jungle

The struggle and resistance of women and the feminist liberation movement in Iraq these days is at one of the most important turning points in its history. The struggle of women, feminists, socialists and liberals has moved, with the uprising, to another higher level and to a wider and broader field than before

Today we have entered the stage of achieving major changes, and the time has come for the emancipatory women’s movement in Iraq and the proletarian communist movement and all defenders of women’s freedom and full equality to embrace in all seriousness and strength these changes brought about by the mass resistance of women stemming from the depths of society and their active participation in the uprising. The strengthening of this mass women’s activity and its organisation around a liberal and socialist political horizon will ensure that the women’s liberation movement in Iraq and the region takes steady steps towards achieving freedom and equality for women.

Women and emancipatory masses

Let’s make March 8th this year the day we show our strength in millions, men and women, students and the youth. Let’s fill the squares and streets with great marches on this day and raise our revolutionary voice and say

Long Live March 8th, International Women’s Day

No Freedom In Society, Without The Freedom and Equality Of Women

 Separation of Religion from the State and Educational System

Let’s Organise Our Struggle in Revolutionary Mass Councils

Achieving Freedom and Equality for Women is a fundamental aim of the Uprising

Let’s, in the name of the rising masses

Repeal All Anti-Women Laws in The Country’s Constitution

Abuse and Violence Against Women Should be Punishable Crimes

Let us Denounce and Stand up to the Lawsuit of Adel Abdul Mahdi’s Government against the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

Organisation of the Communist Alternative in Iraq congratulates women in Iraq and the world on the occasion of International Women’s Day. We fight firmly and consistently for the freedom and full equality of women

We also struggle side by side with the working class and the rising masses for the advancement of the uprising, towards achieving its revolutionary and emancipatory aims, and establishing the authority of the revolutionary mass councils in place of the existing regime

Long Live 8th March, International Women’s Day

Long live women’s freedom and equality

Long live socialism

Organisation of the Communist Alternative In Iraq

February 27, 2020

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